My Way – Tour 2016 starts this Friday! / My Way – Kiertue 2016 alkaa tänä perjantaina!

Now available some My Way-tour related footage and quality sound to help you get into the mood. Maybe some doubtful minds get the kicks to go see our show. The tour starts this Friday from Viitasaari.

Nyt olisi tarjolla My Way-kiertueelta kuvaa ja parempilaatuista ääntä fiilistelyn tueksi. Ehkäpä joku empivä saa tästä vielä kicksit läksiä katsomaan vetoa. Kiertuehan starttaa tämän viikon perjantaina Viitasaarelta.

Concert Hall Tour / Salikiertue:
18.03.2016 Viitasaari, Areena
19.03.2016 Kokkola, Snellman
02.04.2016 Tampere, Tampere Talo
08.04.2016 Hämeenlinna, Verkatehdas
15.04.2016 Mikkeli, Mikaeli
04.05.2016 Helsinki, Kulttuuritalo
06.05.2016 Turku, Logomo

The Summer Events / Kesän tapahtumat:
10.06.2016 Hamina, Haminan yöt
15.07.2016 Jyväskylän Kesä
16.07.2016 Kiuruveden iskelmäviikko
23.07.2016 Imatra, Imatran yöt


2 Comments on “My Way – Tour 2016 starts this Friday! / My Way – Kiertue 2016 alkaa tänä perjantaina!

  1. Hi, here! :)
    Well, nice to see some clip from your “My Way” concert tour!
    So… I share it to my page and wrote some memories about seen:
    Quote from that link:
    “Yeah, pretty good setlist from vintage songs!
    smile emoticon

    Sure, J. Ahola solo concert, named “My Way”, this year started with some notes of “My Way” and then opening song – Roy Orbison “Pretty Woman” and story can begins
    smile emoticon

    Good musicians supported and technical crew (sound, lights), J. Ahola solo concerts go on! Sure with Queen device “Show must go on!”
    smile emoticon

    At some concerts (till now) we saw guest musicians and some surprises
    smile emoticon

    For example, Tampereella played guest drummer Risto Niinikoski, who give some vacation for Antti Mäkelä and else guest, playing cello – Juho Kanervo.
    It must be said that the Tampere concert was a great and interesting with the performance variations of songs, such as – the cello was involved in the some songs. For example, was interesting song “The Temple of the King” performance, then “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, and some else. Guitar plays Jussi Kaakkolammi and basso Jari Laitinen. Guys some moments plays jokes too
    wink emoticon

    The Man and The Voice did all songs in excellent level and band plays great. Thanks to all for nice work! Thank for joyful and humorous comments from stage and giving to audience much pleasure and involving to sing along
    smile emoticon

    Special thanks for performing AHOLA band own rock songs and Teräsbetoni medley.
    Good and nice performance was Antti Hakulinen’s instrumental improvisation keyyboard solo with some known and unknown melodies and … Jean Sibelius “Finlandia”.
    At that moment soloist, Main Man, got time to dress up tuxedo, lets going to perform next part of vintage songs
    smile emoticon

    No doubt, coming again on stage, looked and songs sounded great.
    Then folloved again with nice vintage songs … Nat King Cole “Nature boy”, “Georgia on My Mind”, mostly knowed performed by Ray Charles.
    Concert ends with song “My Way” and …. after followed audience standing with huge storm of applause …, bit patient … we waited and musicians returned on stage with Louis Armstrong’s “Wonderful World” and, of course, with cello’s supporting too.
    Most of J. Ahola solo concerts “My Way” were sold out!
    And it’s not surprise.
    So good and nice performances not often can see and watch
    smile emoticon

    What a nice and optimistic mood WE HAD!
    smile emoticon
    Now wishing to all Good Luck tomorrow at Mikkeli!”

    and here my most liked song… Tampereelle

  2. Well, Viitasaari is somewhere in “middle nowhere” therefore to unreachable for me …,
    but Kokkola…
    Yeah, should be there! :D
    Wishing to You a great tour begining! :)

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