A film clip @ Iltalehti

Iltalehti asked J a few questions and published a video clip for you to check out. Click HERE to see it.

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  1. Moi, Jarkko!

    At times I’m taking look in one of your mates from Viiala Facebook page :))
    Today Heikki wrote this on his wall:

    Time for Christmas contest! :)

    Rules: Post on this wall one picture/video/lyrics that makes you feel like Christmas, or just happy.
    The one that gets most likes/comments(or the one I like most ;D) is winner. I will tell you the winner on Friday the 14th.

    Prize: I will make sure that Santa will bring you one more present! ;)

    Then I had a sudden thought (but not due to awards ) ;D
    Simply wanted to tell about my Chrismas feeling which make your performance of “Ave Maria” and directly this film clip.
    It’s very best suitable for my “Chistmas mood”. Yea … today is special day for me, since directly at 5th December … now for years … my Mom’s soul had travelled behind stars …

    So I wrote upon Heikki “Christmas contest” message and want to share it with You too:
    “Thanks for the opportunity! :)
    For me Christmas time more associates with need and must to remember about close people, friends and mates … and even about those, which souls is traveling to eternity now …
    There no need any gifts and rich events, there will be only sincere and nice words, saying with love each to other, like – “You’re the Best Friend”, “You’re a True Man” or “It can believe to You” and all the best memories … :)

    So for this mood excellent suites video, which currently only viewable at Iltalehti page.
    But I’d be very happy if this video of song can be watch on a DVD or CD :)
    Elegant simplicity and create the delicate sense and mood, and artist who performs sincere and from the heart. You know him :)
    Modesty, sincerity and elegant performance.
    What could be better than this?! :)”

    Thank You, Jarkko, that you doing this very best work!

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