AHOLA – As Long As I Live (Rock’n’Roll Is Not Dead)

Here’s an unofficial vid of AHOLA’s cool rock’n’roll song. Have look and take a bite!


4 Comments on “AHOLA – As Long As I Live (Rock’n’Roll Is Not Dead)

  1. This truly is one of truest words ever written and sung for all lovers of great rock music. We love this so much, love AHOLA and the awesome album Stoneface, an album everyone should own if they like great rock music :) It has so many dimensions and layers that after listening to it ( almost every day) for 5 months I still catch something that I had not heard before. So many great songs are on this album it is impossible for me ever to choose one favourite, more like 7 favourites and then I feel bad about the few i did not call favourites and add them and then I can only say all of the songs are my favourites :) That is one fine and original rock album :)

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