AHOLA – Music In The Making

Let the video talk :)

One Comment on “AHOLA – Music In The Making

  1. Sure! Some “Stoneface`s” it makes
    to smiling (like me):P ;)
    Especially pleased your “duets” with Antti and Jari ;))

    Of course, Anza`s “Turun dialect” sounds pretty interesting… that drawl reminds me the dialect from Northern Latvia people, living near Estonian border :)

    Looks, that you had pretty nice record session for drums. Now I wish you still great enthusiasm and mood further for work at studio! Yeah … fourteen songs! Great!! Great job should be done. I`m impatiently waiting for the spring, when will be able it all to hear and also see in gigs. Good Luck!
    Let smokers less fussy ….on half less be used cigarettes near sound board :P :)

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