AHOLA : Still Metal – Check it out!

You can now listen Still Metal from YouTube. Get ready for some ass kicking heavy + metal!

Still Metal on kuunneltavissa YouTubessa. Valmistaudu tuntemaan takamuksessasi potkun tunteita, koska tämä on hevi + metalli!

One Comment on “AHOLA : Still Metal – Check it out!

  1. Well, I try to share here some my opinion by first interception of new album’s songs:)

    Actually I felt here the presence of the spirit of Teräsbetoni. For example, in single “Still metal” that chorus in the background and the challenge, and fighting spirit in going through the life.
    But about not need to be surprised :)
    Yes, since most of Teräsbetoni last album songs written by J. Ahola, so the spirit and manner of writing is one and special. I like that song.

    Another song “Road of Creation” in spirit is more closer to previous AHOLA album,
    with hard sounding style and very good guitar solo too… that sounds like showing how hard indeed is any creation and great work.

    No doubt, J’s vocals also is on great level and preciseness to highlight expression of performance. Guess all another songs will be nice to enjoy too :)

    Judging by listening of those two songs, I think so this work is very successfull.

    Thank you! :)

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