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Ilta-Sanomat (Finland’s biggest tabloid) has noted J’s new album and offers a tasting from the new album. Click HERE to check it out!

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  1. I read (actually try to translate) some comments at Ilta-Sanomat page and find point of view which I cann’t accept. Thought was about classic song performers. So I wrote objection (which I post here now).

    Maruta 14.11. 00:36 (at Ilta-Sanomat)

    Hi there! I want to object a little to strongly critics point of view. I don’t agree with thought, that classic songs can sing only “classically” trained singers, who have learned singing directly (or only) “classics”. Technically right singing can to teach everyone. But … if besides tehnics you haven’t any natural preference, for example, attractive sonorous voice, sincere expression and intonation sense coming from soul, if can say, you haven’t a talent to feel by your soul, then your “pure correct technically” singing maybe only “correctly” booring stuff.
    So… it may be like as you have to listen the soundbox. And boring it be because of absence of a sincere expression and understanding song message with your soul or of what you singing. I think this is similar like as is did artificial beauty, but it can not be superior compare with genuine natural beauty.
    Jarkko is given a number of innate features that are an integral part of him.
    A beautiful sonorous voice with a warm intonations, a wide range voice and, most importantly, unique sense expression from his soul, it’s feeling and understanding song with his soul.
    Understanding songs by soul and sincere expression is what removes all borders and puts listen and listen. Emotions, emotions and sincere true emotions from soul, only its make a performance unique and inimitable!

    Here in my country some people also listened this album and albeit not understand the Finnish, Jarkko unique voice and sincere presentation did songs attractive for listeners. Ave Maria album has genuine and Jarkko’s sincere sonorous voice performances in accompanied by symphonic orchestra, why it`s became a touching Christmas album for more listeners.
    Thanks to record company for idea to make J. Ahola’s solo album!

    Thank to Jarkko for the daring to do first time this great work! Kiitos!

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