Ave Maria in YouTube

Ave Maria from J’s new Christmas album now available in Warner Music’s YouTube channel.

One Comment on “Ave Maria in YouTube

  1. Here some hot video from RJ show tour = http://youtu.be/xu7N6ePRu64?hd=1
    Ave Maria @ Raskasta Joulua, Finlandia-Klubi, Lahti 1.12.2012
    I always like RJ versions due to accompanied by musicians: Erkka Korhonen – Guitars, Erkki Silvennoinen – Bass and Vili Ollila – Keyboard.
    Jarkko vocal is finely nuanced and the public liked it. Me too :)
    Yea… and voice from audience:”We love you!” is not just a joke.
    We, many people from audience, love you Jarkko! :)
    It`s true!

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