Ave Maria – Joulun klassikot in Radio Nova

You can listen to the new album, Ave Maria – Joulun klassikot, in advance @ Radio Nova’s internet site. Click HERE!

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  1. Ave Maria… Yes, the one and only!
    This song first I find in your performance at YouTube more as four years ago. At that time I was trying to find about Teräsbetoni songs, but suddenly I find this:
    http://youtu.be/Xh_ijTPoWYE (shot at Klubi, Tampere on 8th Dec 2007.)

    I watched this and become surprised and fascinated. Ave Maria was performed in Raskasta Jolua show. Two guitar and keyboard accompaniment in a light tones. However, the most enchanted directly by your singing. Voice in a wide range of vibration and melody sounded in your voice as like cristal touch … sonorous voice comes strong and clear…. as fresh mountain air … pretty nice sound vibrations in middle, like singing in to the opera. In spite of noise in audience … song sounded so great and I was excited. Wanted to hear it live, but till that I had to wait a year.

    First Raskasta Joulua show I attend with friends at Tampere Klubi in 2008 December, but there Ave Maria was sung by Marco. You performed Ave Maria in next show in Helsinki at Tavastia. Unfortunately we had not be there. Luckily someone from audience did a video shots, so later in YouTube I find and watched it with holding breath. I was know at that time you had a voice problem after flu, but you sang great.
    So in next year finally I’ve heard Ave Maria live your performance twice. In 2009. December RJ show was again at Tampere’s Yo-talo. I was late on show, so not saw some songs. Happily I was in time for Ave Maria. Since there was a lot of audience, I find place where to stay, but can’t to do any video shots.
    Yea… it was so powerful … I’m was staying, only listening and wondering about you. I watched performance and delighted how it sound with your sonorous voice. There some people did shot: : http://youtu.be/ygG8CO1Gx_8

    Next show was again in Tavastia and again I was delighted how nice and great sound your performace. I like accompaniment for Ave Maria at RJ shows. Boths – Erkki Silvenoinen with Erkka Korhonen – guitars and Vili Olilla on keyboard sound nice. Then listening your clear and nice voice and all this composition together .. it all sounded fantastic good.
    When I got Raskaampaa joulua CD (2009.) there Ave Maria sung Marco.
    I always thought that it cannot be right that such a great performance of Ave Maria by you isn’t recorded. It seemed to me that it’s not fair if it is not recorded.
    I hoped on new RJ album, where maybe you should sing this song. I even thought it in loud and wrote about somewhere in comments. Seems that I not be alone in those thoughts, since now is released your album with Ave Maria as title song. Maybe higher forces have heard it ?! My dream about your Ave Maria singing record now has come true. Perhaps whatever some of your dreams too. I am very happy about. I like what I`ve listen in a new album.
    I love your interpretation of song and as you present it. So simple and true as can say – in artless beauty, whether it be – RJ’s show or classic performance with the orchestra in your new album. All performances beauty is your sincerity.

    Well so long story comes here, but I wanted to tell this. Since I like how it to crowned – with one song more in your/our treasury depository of songs by your performances.
    I wish let Ave Maria performance brings much success to you in the future.
    Kiitos paljon, Jarkko! :)

  2. Moi, Jarkko!

    I`ve start listen tracks on Radio Nova page, only there not work
    7.track – Sydämeeni joulun teen ?!

    Rating will be a bit later …. I’m speechless … how this excellent :)

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