Ave Maria

This vid was shot and posted by anonymous. Perfomance from Tulli Klubi, Tampere.
(Could’ve been better…though…)

20 Comments on “Ave Maria

  1. i don’t have words to describe your perfomance! keep singing this way, you make many people smile everyday.
    you’re the one that i adore!

    greeting from brazil.

  2. I would never imagine this mix . Heavy metal and Ave Maria.
    Great voice.


  3. The first time i realised what an amazing voice you have..keep up the vibe!

  4. Look how many admirers! Hahaha! I’m one of them, but whatever.
    Your voice is amazing. But, i guess that you could be better. Ok, guys, i’m quiet. Well, Jarkko, you understood, don’t you?

    I had seen this video on youtube before … Is on my list of favorites!


  5. Ehei jumalauta… Ei voi ku nostaa hattua tolle vedolle. Sait karheemmankin

  6. ??????, ??? ?? ??????, ??????? ??? ?? ???????, Kiitos for beautifal song, be happy

  7. Terve! ??, ?????? ?? ????????, ?? ????????, ? ?????? ???? ???? ?????, ???????? ? ???, ?? ?? ?????? ??????

  8. i’ ve heard a lot of dudes singing ave maria (a lot of them on christmas promotional cds) and i`m telling with no offence that sometimes i`m sick of this song but actually you did a great job ;)

  9. Hei!
    I love your voice and your songs. You are amazing!Excellent job, keep it like that!


  10. Your voice charming! It’s priceless like walk bare footed on grass… :)

  11. Kiitos!
    .. for this performance, what makes good feeling! :)

  12. You sing like an angel,the way you feel the music is really impressive.Trust me you are the best…you are one of a kind.Thankyou for existing and making my life more beautiful with your music(I really am not exagerating)

  13. I understood what to say: thin hands, face expression, features made of lines, take yourself and carry over into the voice and present me the secret of a man on the edge…

  14. I saw it already and I dare say that this is the proof of your amazing voice. keep it like that!