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  1. So… about Antti Hakulinen…
    … remembered that this blond and long hair man I first saw in cover band Metal Warriors gig on keyboards. Actually at first I did`t know all guys names, who played at that band.
    It was at summer, 2010 Juny in Helsinki, at club Dante’s Highlight. Now in that same place is located different named club DOM.
    So in that time at Dante’s Highlight was “Metal Warriors plays Manowar” gig.
    Shot poster at doors before gig then :))

    I knowed that in Metal Warriors plays two members from Terāsbetoni band – J vocal, bass there too and Jari Kuokkanen on drums. Other guys I didn`t know before.
    So this was again very great gig with great feeling. I was standing close to “stage” and shot some video.
    Must say, that before I wasn`t so in Manowar creation and some songs for me was like a “discovery” then … again to thank you guys ;)
    Those was ballade songs “Master Of The Wind” and “The Crown And The Ring”…when was performing last …that was great vibes, J`s performing and audiences reaction in common …there in main (in this song) was accompanied J`s vocal by Antti playing keyboards. Yea… it sounded great and it`s great memories for now :)

    So… I must say big thanks to Antti too, nor only J, for discovering to me Manowar`s songs from different view :)

    Actually Metal Warriors gig I saw few times and in next 2011.year too. So on that time I know musician on keyboards – Antti Hakulinen.
    In 2011year gig was on the same place only venue has new interior and name – DOM :)
    Yea.. I saw else some another gigs where played Antti, since I was two times on Anthriel band gigs.

    Joo kuulosta hyvältä! :)

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