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  1. I see that J presents his accompanying musicians in upcoming Church concert tour.
    I remembered when I saw the first time each of them :)

    So Timo Niemistö …
    … I saw in October 2009 (ha, it`s four years ago for now), when J. Ahola duo played in Tampere Nightclub Inferno.
    Then was very interesting set list, since many songs I heard the first time in J. singing and Timo playing guitar and I enjoyed those instrumental parts at the gig. Very cool :)
    For example, DIO`s “Temple Of The King” and then both, J and Timo, acoustic guitar instrumental parts, then Rainbow`s “Tarot Woman”, “Man On The Silver Mountain”.
    At that time in my mind falls Whitsnake song “Sailing ships”, which melody and J`s voice sounded in my head all next week :))
    This one come to my mind now from first time seeing Timo, when “Man on the silver Mouintains” starring J. Ahola:

    Then next time, when I saw Timo playing, was again in Tampere. Then was held Sauna Open Air Metal Festival 2011. This time on festival Park stage performed Anthriel band.
    For something reason band`s vocalist Simo Silvan can`t participate, so with Anthriel then performed J. Ahola, as “stand in” vocalist. Yea.. this was very great gig and new discovery – Anthriel band and Timo songs by J vocals. Although band performed only six songs then it was very great to see and listen band.
    Sure, there I saw Antti Hakulinen too, since he is Anthriel member, but this not be the first time when I saw long hair blond man on keyboards :)

    Anthriel@SOA 2011 performing song “Light Divine”

    Loistava! :)

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