Highway to Hell

This cellphone-video was shot by Pikkis in Viiala, Pub Everton in 2007.
J played the drums and sang Highway To Hell with Antti M

11 Comments on “Highway to Hell

  1. J. singing and playing drums… so great !!!

    The cover is as good as the real one!

    Greetings from France

  2. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    da hvatit uje!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh, sounds good, looks good – J. working with drums. You are marvellous!

  4. very nice…drums….hmmm….and highway to hell is a great song…it sounds fantastic… do you really know to do everything?

  5. hey mama look at me
    i`m on the highway to hell :)))

    you did good job man

  6. And again you are artistic in a new way.
    Acoustics is your tenderness. She captivated me from the very first minutes. Enshroud in her. Drown in red. Forever

  7. What a picture, Mr. Ahola playing drums. :) What a performance. Even better than the Original.