J.Ahola-acoustic – My Way

UPDATED! I changed the video to another, since Mystical Maidens
shot a better quality video of this song. A big thanks still to Marika H,
of course and to Mystical Maidens.

12 Comments on “J.Ahola-acoustic – My Way

  1. Hi! Unbelievable! This is the most beautiful interpretation of this classic song that I`ve ever heard. Maybe, next year after I move to Finland,I will have the opportunity to listen to you live. “Beautiful” – this is the best word to describe everything you do.Hmm … your voice and Oulu All Star Big Band made Heaven and Hell sound very sexy.;)) Take care and…uhm…oh yeah! Stay Metal Forever! :)

  2. You never stop surprising me. When I first listened this song by you on Northern Kings album, I was like “OMG, it’s aweome”, but now I’m even more amazed because of your live version of it.
    Love from Spain! Keep rocking!

  3. Funny,I raised my glass the same time as you @5:00…Glad the Maidens had a mic on you…well done! Say hi to your dad for me.Next time in Finland I’ll look you up,greetings from Canada…

  4. Aaaaawww… It’s just a pity I am (still) not able to attend one of your gigs. This is brilliant!

  5. Beautiful, nice, amazing, great, wonderful, cool, fantastic, divine, miracle, perfect, terrifical, wizard… (:
    Thanks for add Jarkko!


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