J.Ahola-acoustic – Soldier Of Fortune

A video shot by Marika H. from restaurant Gloria, Tampere. Thank you

10 Comments on “J.Ahola-acoustic – Soldier Of Fortune

  1. Moi..
    I’m still waitong for your gig in Poland or somewhere near to my country… :)
    It’s good that you have nice time now and believe me, see you live… big dream, I envy other people.. I should live in Finland
    Greetings from PL.

  2. Jarkko, I’ve never been so thrilled with any singer, as I am with you. You have something special that takes my breath away! Don’t ever change! You’re the greatest voice ever! I hope and wish that you and guys from Ter

  3. Great song, great singer!:)

    Glad to see, that you are now paying more and bigger attention to accoustic gigs…:)


  4. Just great performance, too bad for the noice in the back but I love your voice everytime more!

  5. Thank you guys! You are great! I loved to experience those moments. I did not notice that noice there, but now I

  6. And now you play guitar… is there something you cannot do? :-)

    Wonderful song (why is everybody speaking instead of listening? lol)

    Greets from France

  7. Jarkko, after watching you in videos I want to tell, that you change constantly and wonderfully, becoming totally unlike “former” you – and every time better.

  8. I have often told you stories
    About the way…

    ….it’s harder than it looks
    It’s a long way to the top,
    If you wanna rock ‘n’ roll

    I guess I`ll always be
    A soldier of fortune :)


    I was in place from where I heard very good sound.
    It is a pity that I don`t have any video ..: (

    Guys, both of you were great! :)


  9. Finally, I could listen this song from your voice. I wish, there would be less sound in the back. :) T