Mä tuun sun luo -lyriikkavideo julkaistu / Mä Tuun Sun Luo -lyrics video out now


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  1. So today is 4th of May!

    First of all, CONGRATULATIONS for the release of the new album!
    The long cherished and worked it’s finally in the air!
    Before while I will get it in my hands from shop, I listened today album on Spotify.

    So my conclusion on very first listening – very good mastering of all songs. Very nice and interesting music and performances. Despite of different style of songs, the whole album, however, has a common feeling – that doing Jarkko voice, high quality and performance manner and, sure, musicians working for record.

    I can’t judge about lyrics, because my knowing Finnish not enough, but about melodies and what I listened I say.
    Three songs were saw in spring at Romanssi concert tour, so listening album those is familiar, as single “Mä tuun sun luo”, “Kauas” and “Illan viimeinen”.
    Must say that “Kauas” on record I like more as was heard in concert. Maybe for interesting sound at background… and stereo sound like voice is moving from one to other side… from kauas to lähemmäksi…😉

    “Mahdollisuus”- I like melody, nice song … “give me/us a chance” for again and mood, and that sigh at the end… for relief?!
    “Nostalgia” – a very energetic tune for the song than would be expected with that name. Could this mean that there is nostalgia for the “heavy rock” notes? That bass guitar very rocking … and voice screaming… 😉
    Therefore about next song from album “Mennyt oot”, it can be said that I have heard the “nostalgija” in melody/notes of that song. “Mennyt oot” … You’re gone, it can raise “nostalgia” feeling, I think.
    “Viimeinen askel” – rocking melody… and good bass tunes, let’s rock!
    “Kultaa hain, kultaa sain” – sounds interesting and epic. Sure, that strength what can found in music, some times is gold valued. Your songs and performances to us – we can name as “kullan-arvo”. True!

    “Ikuista on rock’n‘roll” – the name already says about rocking mood and vocal going along 😉 Great!
    “Tienhaara”- first glimpses of melody and singing remind me Elvis… song performance something going on special mood “suuntaan aurinkoon” and Elvis mood.
    “Viimeiseen suudelman” – romantic song about romantic evening and after-feelings , ending emotions.
    “Huono ihminen” – here I can enjoy Jarkko’s voice from low to higher, interesting melody of the song and performed in nuances about “bad man”… BUT, You, Jarkko, not that.
    The Man, who sings and write songs can`t be bad !!! 😊

    And the last song of the album – “Illan viimeinen” – just like as the last chord of the dance evening, where as slow songs as well funny and rock songs were played and whole gamma of different vibes and feelings are lived and enjoyed … then comes final chords and slow waltz dance ;) Very nice song!

    Well, in my opinion, very good mastered album, where every listener can find something for own taste. I like every song on it. Album can listen even in background when you work at office 😉
    So at end I must say: “Mä tuun sun luo” – great one masterpiece of song writer and singer, Jarkko Ahola, and all involved musicians to making an album! I like it much!
    Greetings to Jarkko and all musicians working at it!
    Thank you all for nice workship!
    Good luck to album on way to listeners!

  2. Ihana biisi 😊
    Korkealta ja kovaa jäi puuttumaan, kun Jarkko vois vetästä niiiiiiin korkealta ja kovaa 🤔
    Loppubiisissä vähän paranee ja kun kuuntelee monta kertaa, niin on tää ihan hittikamaa 😊

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