Mar 21 2014

Tug of War out NOW!

AHOLA - Tug of war - cover

AHOLA’s second epic and strong album “Tug of War” is out now! Get you own copy in physical or digital form:



AHOLA on the road:

21/03/14 Hyvinkää, Jalostamo
28/03/14 Helsinki, On The Rocks
17/04/14 Tampere, Yo-talo
20/04/14 Seinäjoki, Rytmikorjaamo
25/04/14 Kuopio, Henry´s Pub
26/04/14 Nivala, Puustelli
10/05/14 Turku, Ilta/ Klubi
23/05/14 Imatra, Osmos Cosmos Bar
24/05/14 TBA
25/07/14 Turku, DBTL

Here’s a little something for ya! Less than 20 days to go before the release of Tug of War. You can now have a little glimpse of songs to come. Hope you like it!

You can now listen Still Metal from YouTube. Get ready for some ass kicking heavy + metal!

Still Metal on kuunneltavissa YouTubessa. Valmistaudu tuntemaan takamuksessasi potkun tunteita, koska tämä on hevi + metalli!

AHOLA_Still MetalAHOLA’s new single Still Metal is out now. Click the picture to enter iTunes-store!

AHOLAn uusi sinkku Still Metal on ulkona nyt. Klikkaa kuvaketta päästäksesi iTunes-kauppaan!

J’s band AHOLA is about release a new album and you can now pre-order “Tug of War” (out 21st of March)  from Record Shop X. They ship worldwide, so no problemo! Click HERE to enter the X-site.

Jiin bändi AHOLA julkaisee uuden albumin 21. maaliskuuta ja voit tilata ennakkoon Tug of Warin Levykauppa Äxästä. Klikkaappa TÄNNE päästäksesi Äxän sivulle.

AHOLA - Tug of war - cover

With this humorous video, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Let’s see what happens next. Take it easy, y’all!

Gotta tell you that what we, J, Antti, Juho and Timo, experienced with you all who came to see us, was something great. All the churches were full of people who really gave us that magical feeling of us doing something meaningful and new. Can’t say if it really was like that, but it sure felt good. Some moments it was almost like a rock concert…but in a church, which made the whole situation pretty freaking cool. Thank you, and it just might be safe to say by now: Merry Christmas.

Xmas rehearsals

J, Timo Niemistö (left), Antti Hakulinen (middle) and Juho “Mane” Kanervo  (right) just had their last rehearsal for the upcoming church tour starting on Friday. The songs found their shape’n’place on the setlist and this is something very different from any other stuff most of these guys have ever done. So, get ready Seinäjoki, Turku, Lahti, Tampere and Viiala, ’cause this is it, here we come.


Ave Maria – Joulun Klassikot has sold over 20 000 copies in Finland which entitles a platinum status. Thank you all for the support!