Raskasta Joulua has released its third album  “Raskasta Joulua” and it has the biggest line up yet. Check out more info about the album, line up and tour from www.raskastajoulua.com. J and other guys show up in their new video, “Tulkoon Joulu”. Check it out!

DW Many people ask where J will be next, or some are surprised that he was here or there and they didn’t know. For that info check out dragonwhite.com where you can find J, AHOLA (band) and Raskasta Joulua related information. The info regarding Christmas church concerts can be found from warnermusiclive.fi.

Monet kyselevät missä Jii esiintyy seuraavaksi, tai jotkut ovat yllättyneitä että mies oli siellä tai täällä, eikä tieto ollut heitä saavuttanut. Tietoa löytyy osoitteesta dragonwhite.com, joka pitää sisällään Jiin, AHOLAn (yhtye) ja Raskasta joulua -kiertueen keikkakalenterin. Kirkkokiertuetta koskevat tiedot löytyvät osoitteesta warnermusiclive.fi.


The rehearsals for the upcoming church concert mini tour have been going on for quite a while already, and the songs are being arranged and shaped for the special team of four. J will be accompanied by Antti Hakulinen on keyboards and Timo Niemistö on guitar. The group will be completed with a cello/bass a bit later. Some of you might already know Timo from J’s duo and band gigs. Timo and Antti also play together in a band called Anthriel, a progressive metal group. So, most of the musicians have a rock/metal backround, but when you really think about it, there’s pretty much in common with the old and grand, mostly Northern Christmas carols and the best hard rock and metal songs that can be very majestic. This one will be something special for the musicians and the audience.

Ave Maria_joulun klassikot

Warner Music Live and J have teamed up for a special Chirstmas concert tour this year. J’s album Ave Maria – Joulun klassikot sold almost platinum (and hopefully does this year!) and this mini tour is a natural follow-up the to success of the album. J will be accompanied by  Timo Niemistö (guitar) and Antti Hakulinen (keyboards) among others.

The dates and churches are as follows:

Pe 29.11.
Seinäjoki, Lakeuden risti
La 30.11.
  Turku, Mikaelin kirkko
Ke 4.12.
     Lahti, Ristin kirkko
To 5.12.
Tampere, Aleksanterin kirkko
Su 8.12.
       Akaa, Viialan kirkko

You can get your ticket from LIPPUPALVELU.


J & Finnish navy & airforce (+ Kainuu’s military orchestra) combine their powers again!
Get your ticket now:
Aug 23 2013

AHOLA in the studio!

AHOLA is recording a new album. Here’s a little vid for ya!


Raskasta Joulua-group keeps getting larger and larger. Here’s almost the whole posse, only Ilja Jalkanen is missing. The newest face in the crowd is Antti Railio, the Voice Of Finland 2013. The official upcoming music video is now shot and so are the promo pics. But…enough of the Xmas for this time. I’m sure we’re all going to have lots of it when the time comes. (Pic: Jenny Rostain)


New AHOLA-album is finally in the making. The band had a photo shoot in Turku this week with Samuli Karala behind the camera. The drumming session follows next week in Tampere @ Headline Studio with Jani Viitanen behind the knobs and J. as a producer. The rehearsal schedule appeared to be very tight in the end, since some new songs followed up at the last hour. But hey, the guys like the challenge and the fact that not everything is strictly planned ahead.


Again this summer will be filled with song writing and recording new material. AHOLA (picture up above from left to right: Antti Karhumaa, Antti Mäkelä, J & Jari Laitinen) will hit the studio in August to lay down drum tracks. J is still working on few new songs, but things are looking alright with 8 different songs already ready to rock . J has also been writing few song for his solo album that is still on a state of draft and design, but the finished songs are yet showing the right way. More of this later. Raskasta Joulua -project is working on a new album and it’s coming out at the end of this year. J is doing few songs on it among others, like Marco Hietala, Tony Kakko or JP Leppäluoto. This one is going to be a huge entirety!


Teräsbetoni cuts down the silence with a 10th anniversary show

Teräsbetoni, the messenger of Finnish heavy metal music, will perform in Turku at Down By The Laituri -festival on the 26th of July, 2013. The band has been laying low for a while now and was last seen on stage in the summer of 2011.
The band released its first demo in 2003 and has sold several gold and platinum albums ever since. They have played hundreds of shows in Finland and few gigs abroad as well. The Europe came to know better about Teräsbetoni in 2008 when they represented Finland in Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade.

Teräsbetoni wants to celebrate its 10 year journey where else but on stage in front of live audience. Turku is the right place for this, since in its early times the band visited the city often and enjoyed delirious underground popularity. DBTL offers a perfect ground for this uncommon show.

“A lot of Metal beer has flowed to Aurajoki after we did a show in 2003 at crowded TVO’s premises. I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say, that the last ten years have changed our lives. We have experienced wonderful things and this 10th anniversary gig in Turku will be a special experience for us and the audience”, comments bands singer-bassist J.Ahola.

Teräsbetoni is:

J. Ahola – vocals & bass
A. Järvinen – guitar
V. Rantanen – guitar
J. Kuokkanen – drums

For more info: www.dragonwhite.com