Have a look at the latest adventures of  the happy, but tired chaps of Teräsbetoni.

Check few clips from Anthriel’s premises. J’s & Anthriel
rehearsing few songs.

J’s latest escapades up North and up North again plus Tampere
rehearsals including a clip of “Uudestisyntynyt”.

May 22 2011

J.Ahola – Fragments

Here’s a latest vid from the latest events (or at least some of them). Check it out!

Embrace The Sun -cover

J wrote the lyrics and did the vocals on a new Anthriel-track that can
be found from the Lion Music’s Embrace The Sun-double CD.

Apr 18 2011

J.Ahola – Flashback

Somehow a very ordinary “going here’n’there”-video gets a little better
in the middle. A flashback happens…

J. visited Sweden, Luleå recently with Oulu All Star Big Band in the
Luleå’s house of culture. Here’s a little something.

Here’s the latest vid from the road. Check out Olli’s “treatment”!

Here’s another video shot on the road. Teräsbetoni visited Pori and
Joensuu recently. This one is more or less messing around.

Here’s a little vid from Oulu and Hämeenlinna. It’s basicly about TB-guys
putting the backline together and introducing themselves for you!