J. visited Tornio some time ago to collaborate once again with Oulu All Star Big Band.

Metal Warriors rehearsing for the gig. Check it out.

Have a look at the latest adventures of  the happy, but tired chaps of Teräsbetoni.

Check few clips from Anthriel’s premises. J’s & Anthriel
rehearsing few songs.

J’s latest escapades up North and up North again plus Tampere
rehearsals including a clip of “Uudestisyntynyt”.

May 22 2011

J.Ahola – Fragments

Here’s a latest vid from the latest events (or at least some of them). Check it out!

Embrace The Sun -cover

J wrote the lyrics and did the vocals on a new Anthriel-track that can
be found from the Lion Music’s Embrace The Sun-double CD.

Apr 18 2011

J.Ahola – Flashback

Somehow a very ordinary “going here’n’there”-video gets a little better
in the middle. A flashback happens…

J. visited Sweden, Luleå recently with Oulu All Star Big Band in the
Luleå’s house of culture. Here’s a little something.

Here’s the latest vid from the road. Check out Olli’s “treatment”!