UPDATED! I changed the video to another, since Mystical Maidens
shot a better quality video of this song. A big thanks still to Marika H,
of course and to Mystical Maidens.

A video shot by Marika H. from restaurant Gloria, Tampere. Thank you

Teräsbetoni doing their thing in Eurovision song contest. This one
was a remake of the song Missä miehet ratsastaa and it was performed
in Finnish ESC final 2009.

So, here’s the new vid for Northern Kings’ version of Kiss From A Rose.

Mar 19 2008

Highway to Hell

This cellphone-video was shot by Pikkis in Viiala, Pub Everton in 2007.
J played the drums and sang Highway To Hell with Antti M

Mar 19 2008

Ave Maria

This vid was shot and posted by anonymous. Perfomance from Tulli Klubi, Tampere.
(Could’ve been better…though…)