Rock’n’Roll Children @ Turku, Logomo

One Comment on “Rock’n’Roll Children @ Turku, Logomo

  1. Indeed You’re Rock’n’Roll “child”! :)
    Rock’n’Roll is your element and passion. Very powerful performance of DIO`s song.
    Some loooong time ago, I’ve once had wrote that I like DIO songs better in your performance and this hasn’t changed over the years.
    Definitely the reason for this is the characteristics of your voice – the pure timbre, the specific voice range and finely nuanced performance style, unique only to you.
    It can be seen that over the years the voice is mature, strong, convincing and expressive.
    Just great! It’s always very nice to see and listen yours performances.
    Unfortunately, to attend Logomo terrace there was not chance, because at present there are various unforeseen (known to all) time circumstances what limit travel – reduced flights, expensive tickets and more often, unforeseen changes or canceled flights …
    But I hope that in August there will be at least some improvements :)
    Thanks for performances and sharing your video for us – fans and other audience :)
    Have a successful and nice concerts ahead!

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