Teräsbetoni – Maailma tarvitsee sankareita

The first single cut from the upcoming same titled album “Maailma
tarvitsee sankareita”.  The album will be out 24th of November.

3 Comments on “Teräsbetoni – Maailma tarvitsee sankareita

  1. Dear Jarkko, your voice and music is perfect! .. And yess “Maailma tarvitsee sankareita” :)

  2. Really nice song. I`m waiting for the whole CD. Thank you so much for giving me your voice again. I enjoy it. An I get more power by listening you guys. :)

  3. Simple and clear theme.

    “Maailma tarvitsee sankareita.
    Uhrauksia veljien ja sisarten.”

    Yesss … world need heroes! But it comes from our brothers and sisters self-devotion and from their soul`s fortitude.

    Very good music and, of course, Jii`s vocal as always in very good level. Pleasant to listen. Thanks, Jarkko!

    Additionally liked the accompanying choir ;)
    Guys, you have really good sound!

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