Thank you for this year! / Kiitos tästä vuodesta!

With this a huge thank you for this year and wishing you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tämän myötä iso kiitos kuluneesta vuodesta ja oikein rauhaisaa joulua sekä onnellista uutta vuotta!

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  1. And at the end….
    So last this year concert tour ended with your four church concerts, which made my Christmas week from 15.December till 22.December.
    To attending those concerts of Christmas classics songs, made my Christmas. They vere in very cozy, nice and friendly atmosphere at Lakeuden Risti in Seinäjoki, Tampere`s Tuomiokirkko, Taulumäki Church in Jyväskylä and at one big Kallion kirkko in Helsinki.

    I liked ending with those songs: “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” and “When You Wish Upon a Star” very beautiful and nice ending of your church concerts. Again big thank to you, because You made my Christmas time 😊
    Thanks all Artists at church concert – Antti M., Juho, Antti H. and Maiju!
    Thanks crew – Markku and Erkki!

    So you see, how rich with events was this Your 2017. year! I have sat and remembered half of this day and writing my memories there. I know, I know, Jarkko, there wrote much and long, but in 31st December we not need to hurry nowhere.
    New Year comes anyway! 😉
    So my wishes to you, Jarkko: let New Year comes as much as rich was this year, with new big events, with many performances and with big love from audience!
    You know, you can feel rich, because much people love belongs to you.
    Let that love always with you!
    So start New 2018.year with health, happiness and love!
    Lets comes good year for you and your family!

    Happy New Year to all people here!
    Hyvää Uutta Vuotta, kaikille faneille! 😉

    With love, Maruta>
    Riga, @office on Antonijas street,
    Cheers! ;)

  2. Second Part.
    Then on other part of year comes with much more great events.
    Your 40th jubilee cecebrating at Tampere -talo 26.August.
    It was a very interesting, surprising and very gorgeous event. There your Artist biography, growth in music making and singer, song writer career sound in your songs and small video topics at stage background.
    Songs from your Queen concerts series, then your own…when some in audience had surprises.
    There was several guests, from your early times band “Cosmic Spell” – Wille (bass) and Heikki (drums).
    Songs “Guilty” and “Don`t forget the morning” sounded matured (backvocals with Maiju and Jari) 😊
    Perhaps last time audience not knowed about, so it was a surprise for part of them.

    There was Teräsbetoni songs and it was great to see again together Viljo, Arto, Jari K. with J. Ahola bands members together and when all sung “Taivas lyö tulta” … wooow… !!!!

    Then from your solo concerts, nice was to see Pepe Willberg together with you, singing song “Pilvi taivaan peittää” and “Merimies”.
    Nice heard also AHOLA band time songs. So AHOLA were full row with Anza too. Your own song “I walk alone”… it usually me remind (long times ago, before starts AHOLA band) some duo (with Antti M.) gig at Viiala … then back, was May 2010. and after show at Everton, going out, there was windy and rainy weather… so got that feeling and to me that song gives the same, like as this sentiment were inserted into that song.
    Talking and thinking about AHOLA band, to me feels, as that time songs underrated. I think its must get more audience, not only those, who “Still metal” 😉
    Very nice and meaning in songs from those two AHOLA band albums “Stoneface”(2012) and “Tug of War”(2014). Ok, maybe it`s not for “pop” audience, but those songs deserve more “rock” audience, I think.
    I have both albums and I like what I listen. Thanks for writing them!
    So at jubilee concert AHOLA band played “As Long As I Live (Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Not Dead)” (from first album “Stoneface”) audience were responsive and applauds all song 😊
    To me it usually it reminds some another rock song which says: “It`s a long way to top, If you wanna play roc`n`roll”… and Yesss… there coming this year top event in 3rd December – Jarkko Ahola & Waltteri Torikka @ Hartwall Areena.
    I was happy to go on this very big concert at big venue, full of audience and met Artists before show.
    I more to write here about Jarkko, because you are my favorit Artist 😊
    That show at Hartwall was wery shining, great and unforgettable with visual efects and stage background with direct video and with great performances.
    Yeah… song “I want it all” – I remember performing very times ago (2009.) at Viiala Everton (duo gig with Antti M.) and now that song was presented by Jarkko singing at Hartwall.
    In same way comparatively “long way to top” ;) Great!

    Most effective was Jarkko Teräsbetoni song stuff… can say “Taivas lyö tulta”… that Teräsbetoni songs power output like fire strikes Hartwall ceiling 😉
    Ohhh.. there needs Finnish word – Mahtavaa! :D

    Very nice was (even in stage design) Jarkko “Ave Maria” performance. After Hartwall we get to know, that, Jarkko, you had a voice problem in that event, but there all was sung that, as we not noticed about.
    We only noticed scarf on Jarkko, while sung “Ave Maria”. It deserve a bow for your singing. Thank you, Jarkko, again for performance and endurance in that work!
    And some classics… in duet with Waltteri “Con te partiro”….and in that song joined singer Maria Ylipää, who for me was a big surprise, because I saw she for the first time.
    All performance sounded great and those fire works and light effects did great atmosphere in that show.
    It show deserved let been to record in the video and could be maybe at TV, at least I could be happy to see something like this else again and again 😊
    Thanks Jarkko, thanks Waltteri and Maria for show at Hartwall! Impressive and memorable!
    Thanks about!

  3. I will wrote there several parts about this year, saying “Thank you about this year!”
    So First Part.

    Yeah! There must say too, Thank You Jarkko, for this year!
    Sure, this year was a very interesting and full of nice and shining events. At first part of 2017 year was announced your concert tour “Hauras” with 8 concerts from 3rd March till 21st April and later was added else two concerts in April – Oulu and Ylivieska.
    My travels to your concerts started in 03.March, with first Hauras concert at Jyväskylä and I had managed to come on five.
    So, as usually, every event has a some surprise, so this time great surprise – new member in band – Maiju, playing flute and singing duet with you, and back vocal.
    In your repertoire was chosen several songs from “Romanssi” album, so concerts starts with “Pilvi taivaan peittää“ and “Merimies. Following “Minä olen muistanut”, “Romanssi” and as well as different songs, like “Don`t give up”, “Rainbow eyes”(first I heard in Joensuu), “Dust in the wind”, “Smoke gets in your eyes” and in Logomo song “Pretender”, but all concerts ends with “Lady in black”. Several songs were changing from concert to concert, for example, “Kyynelin” was only at first concert, but maybe it too much tearfull, so it was replace with some other.

    So I had delight about almost all song performances, but especially I liked “Don`t give up”, where you sung with Maiju, wery impressive and Maiju singing – “Don`t give up”- like an effort to convince about. It was beautifully performed. Sure, big applause!

    Interesting was part from Teräsbetoni songs medley – Teräksen takka/ Uudestisyntynyt and Vaadimme metallia/ Metalliolut. Last one in this instrumental assembly sounded very joyful and sound of flute in that ads some “folksong” feeling… let go to dance 😊
    No doubt, there in concerts are several songs, about which performing can say – J. Ahola performs “rock classics”- “I want break free”, “Underpressure”, “Bridge over troubled waters”.
    I like those songs and the way as you presented its.
    For me surprise was song at concerts ending – “Lady in Black”. It starts with instrumental sound, like raising mysterious mood … sure, that Lady in Black in song was like as mysterious appearance… 😉
    So anyway concerts ends with common singing with audience and special delight and pleasure raising nice feeling.
    Thank you about!
    From spring Hauras tour I very liked concert in Helsinki Savoy Teatteri. There was excellent sound, excellent stage lights and, no doubt, excellent your and all band performance together! Again thank you for giving to us so much good emotions.

    At outumn were four Hauras concerts with the same great performances and I`m happy, that I can be attend its.

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