A Big Thank You For The Church Tour

Gotta tell you that what we, J, Antti, Juho and Timo, experienced with you all who came to see us, was something great. All the churches were full of people who really gave us that magical feeling of us doing something meaningful and new. Can’t say if it really was like that, but it sure felt good. Some moments it was almost like a rock concert…but in a church, which made the whole situation pretty freaking cool. Thank you, and it just might be safe to say by now: Merry Christmas.

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  1. There second part about Church concerts:

    Well, next J`s church concert – happened 05.12.2013. Aleksanterin kirkko Tampere.
    This time I decided to come there bit earlier than in Lahti. When I went to church, at doors stayed some people and known mate was directly close to doors. So I stayed near ;)
    While we waiting opening doors (and it must be wait longer), I remembered some time before six years, when I was at Aleksanterin kirkko first time. Actually then, I with my friend, were first time in Tampere, since first time attended Raskasta Joulua show too. This church was in our way when we in day walked to see city and returned from Pyynikki observation tower, via small Christmas market, where bought small crystalline angels, then going down, saw this chuch. We went to see in, since it was opened. Church inside was nice decorated and we were wondered about nice look and decorations on sitting places. Each seat row waited us with white doll-angel on backrest. In front stayed decorate Christmas tree and all looks nice and was quiet. Unfortunalety I had a sad mood then … due to different another stuff, so we returned to hotel.
    Now, waiting near Aleksanterin kirkko doors (with inscription on list „Loppuunmyynti” ;))
    I remembered this episode of my life… and thought, omg… who can be foresaw then, that after six year I will be going to this church on J`s concert and waiting on different mood and I had smile about … how sometimes ways in life is strange and unpredictable and things are changed in different way :)
    Oh, while we were waiting, after us comes much people and there appears long row via park till street and people goes to side entrance too. This long row for waiting opening looks like a row past year near Nosturi when people were coming on RJ show. I wondered, interesting when there on Aleksanterin kirkko was so long row of people, how now on J. Ahola`s concert?! Maybe who knows ? ;)

    Well, I thought, now I`m there, I`m lucky one … finally the door opens and we in hurry to take best place :)) Luckily I got seat at first row at left side.

    Then concert begins … with short instrumental part and then J comes, but „Ensimainen Joulu” started with small phrase: „It`s toimi”, since microphone need be switch on … cute ;)
    All song set was the same, but maybe in old church building is better acoustic quality or I was closer to artist area… so all sounded excellent.
    Sure J showed his best, since sings each song with necessary voice intonation and his song presentation emotions can only enjoy. This time I better saw also Timo and his fine acoustic guitar play. Liked as sounded Antti keyboard in „Adagio” .. it was feeling of true church organ sound.
    Yeah .. that was an excellent show. After „Adgio” all audience stand up, big applauds … but then suddenly its end and audience start to go out… I was shocked… It can`t end in that way!
    We with mate next to me, continued applauds and I even in confusion exclaimed:”Tampere go on!”
    Then another people again start to applaud whiles all audience did it again.
    So Artists come for „Ilouutinen” („Happy news”) performance and again J asked to sing along. There was a much supporters in singing along ;))
    Such a incredible great was J`s church concert in Tamperes`s Aleksanterin kirko.

    Thank you, guys for great concert!
    Thanks those guys, who mastered sound and lights!
    Thanks Timo, for fine guitar playing and salute! :)
    Thanks Juha for very advanced playing cello and that we talk a bit! :)
    Thanks to Antti for great keyboard sound and that we talk too! ;)
    Special thanks You, Jarkko!
    Sure, performance was elegant and unforgettable!
    And thanks to Author of this idea about church concerts! No doubt, that „Ave Maria” Joulun klassikot album deserve this big interest from listeners and success with Platin prize!

    This concert was greatest one which I liked most! :)
    Guess that those concerts should be again in New Year.
    So me remain to say BIG THANKS else one time musicians – Timo, Juha, Antti and Jarkko!
    And wish You all Happy New Year 2014! :)
    Cheers! ;)

    p.s. If no so hard to write, wanted to get know, how you evaluate this experience for you and how you see it in your carier and which one of church concerts you liked most?
    Kiitos! :)

  2. Sure, a Big Thank, Jarkko, to You for Church concerts!
    And Big Thank to Timo, Juho and Antti!
    That all was fantastic! And you, guys were great! :)

    Actually in begining of September, when I discover, that J. Ahola will do Church concerts mini tour with „Ave Maria” album songs, I had only one thought – IT MUST BE SEEN! :)
    Then remained only to chose and on which I may get chance to go. At flights auction there was option on 4.,5.Dec, although it was middle of week and I must take vacations, I not mind much. There was an option in one trip to see two concerts. So I choosed go to Lahti Ristin kirkko and Tampere Aleksanterin kirkko.

    Before those concerts I can`t imagine directly, how it will be and what accompanied.
    Long time ago I was only on few church concerts and it was at Riga Dom. One organ music concert and else (again in Riga Dom) Riga Technical university male choir „Gaudeamus” Christmas concert. But this was different option, since choir and organ music, sure sounds in wide scale.
    Although „Ave Maria” album is made in classic style and accompanied by orchestra, for me interesting was – what it can be perform in church?!
    Then J at home page start to introduce us about all musicians, who should accompanied him in church concerts tour. It draw some outlines of possible performance. So then… it was remain to wait :)

    Then first Church concert happened 04.12.2013. at Lahti Ristin kirkko (Cross church).
    I was in Lahti before this in outumn, so I knew where and what looks Ristin kirkko. That`s a relatively new (1969-1979 Architect Alvar Aalto) and modern building on hill near Lahti`s center. Since it not like to traditional bildings of old churches, this for me seemed good option for this kind of concert.

    So… doors must be open a hour before performance and I had bit time, so decide to come some ten minutes early opening doors. When I went to place, I was bit surprised… there was a lot of people near doors, so formed a row. Had to wait else some 20 min. until I was inside. Unfortunaltely first sitting rows was occupied, so I had chanse to got place some five rows behind and next to passage. From this place was seen center and right side of performer place in main.
    After a while lights was changed and musicians come to place and … audience with applauses met they and miracles can be starting.
    Timo with acoustic guitar sat at left side, then next to middle of „scene” sat Juho and right side to keyboard Antti Hakulinen.
    Lighting were set interesting, maybe that`s due to specific place, since church was turn in „venue”. But there not be used existing lights. Lighting were used only from special set for performance. Since light equipments were based on ground, and pair ones bit higher at back, they in main works as reflection. Floodlights were placed on the sides and back of the musicians.
    Musicians with instruments were most see in some reflection and guise lights. Then intro start play bit toned down … and then come Jarkko. Some words to audience and again applauses … and me seemed … maybe only me seemed … that J say words a bit worried … it`s due to what I perceived his talk …
    But when J start to sing… all worries disappear. J`s voice sounded very nice and strong.
    First was „Ensimainen Joulu” performance. In this can be enjoy to J`s voice attractiveness and sounding bit over accompaniment and dominated.
    Lights was changing and moving all time and this together with J`s performance made some mysterious and wonderful Christmas night mood. At first I wanted, let to be bit brighter lights, but then thought… it`s about Chrismas night… so all there is in different lights and night colors :))
    Next song „Sydameni Joulu teen”… I always wonder how J can take lower notes, like in song „Tonttu” too. So this song starts sounded with lower tones and J took its up like there can compare with J.P. low voice … but in next moment J`s voice sounds as he is :)
    Then follows very nice cello part instead of voice… and .. it`s very interesting how Juho plays cello, like some glimpses of string sounded in fine tuning like “Moonlight sparkling in the snow” … :) Yeah… you, guys conjure up a nice moods and feeling!
    Sure, it`s Christmas! :)
    Then next song was quite surprise. It`s song besides Ave Maria album, but for me known from Raskasta Joulua shows. „Heinillä härkien kaukalon”… oho… that sound bit different.. and I liked this version, and again cello string vibes… Ohh what a surprise!:)

    Next Mielenrauhaa. This is one of my favorite song as from album, as well in church concerts, as well as in Raskasta Joulua shows. J performance was so nice again with some glimpses of tamborine. Cute :)

    Then next… „Walking in the air”… fantastic sound and in English :)
    Then great performance of „Tonttu”, „Jouluyö juhlayö” and „Valkea Joulu”.
    Follows intersting „Me käymme joulun viettohon” performance … maybe like jazzy&blues rhythm version… surprise again :)
    Then title song „Ave Maria”… can`t say when I like it most, but live J`s performances I love all them.
    This one was again majestic … with great applauds at end.
    Next very touching on fine tone „Varpunen jouluaamuna”, oh… and „Sylvian joululaulu” – this is else one of my favorite one too. Sure when J sings „Sylvian joululaulu”, it can feel some honour and proud in his voice. Even I not be a Finnish, anyway listening this performance I feel be proud … about Jii, about Suomen maa.
    Nice song, nice performance till delight tears.

    Then concert going to end… so there “Adagio”. J and Annti on keyboard. Yeah… Antti`s playing keyboard … it sounded like he play church organ and J`s strong voice… sounding clear and majestic and bit destiny… for me that song associates with unreachable destination, therefore it rise melancholy. Performance again was great.. long applauses and artists return for last song „Ilouutinen” („Happy news”).
    Nice concert, which end on nice and happy note. I was happy that had opportunity to see this.
    After concert I saw some known people, also from abroad, so in next day appear, that we comes to Tampere in the same transport :)

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