Forces United

J has recorded few vocal tracks for Russian-based project “Forces United”. At the moment it’s all about being a studio- and a songwriting project with several singers. Right now there’s a new limited edition CD out, wherein J sings a track called “Understand”. He has done more tracks than that, but the producer-mastermind Kirill will use the tracks as he pleases. If your interest woke up while reading this, you can ask for the CD (in English or Russian) from here: nem69(at)

2 Comments on “Forces United

  1. Congratulations!

    Just ordered that CD, although You here perform only one song!
    Only now find out that tracks published on YouTube at Jun 18, 2014 ! Omg.. and all that months I don`t know nothing about ?!
    Now listened it here:

    Currently heard track 2. song “Understand” only few times and can say that You sound powerful!
    And track 6. “Understand” with piano version is good. I like both versions :)
    Thank You, for great work!
    Guess that collaboration will be with successful results.

    Have a Nice Day!


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