Teräsbetoni to perform on Manowar’s Magic Circle Festival in Helsinki, Finland!


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Magic Circle Festival launched by Manowar adds more performers. On 26 July also the legendary Finnish heavy band Teräsbetoni will step onto the podium for a unique come back gig during the festival.


J. Ahola, the singer/bass player of Teräsbetoni says: “Although Teräsbetoni was not supposed to perform this year, we had no option but to sharpen our axes and pull out the leather harnesses earlier than planned, when our band was invited to join the Magic Circle Festival of Manowar. Manowar is one of the hardest heavy metal bands of all time, and one of the reasons I wanted to be a musician at all. The evening will definitely be one to remember forever. Hail and Kill!”


“It is an amazing honour to be invited to perform to the same audience as these icons. We are proud that our work has been noticed by Manowar and we will fulfill all expectations – together with the warriors in the audience!” Järvinen continues the thoughts of Ahola.


Other additions to the line up for the Magic Circle Festival are the bands Imperia and Hostile. Imperia, a Dutch symphonic metal band, has appeared in Finland in 2007 Tuska Festival. Hostile is a heavy metal band from the UK and it has Alex Hill, the son of Ian Hill of Judas Priest, in its line-up.


Manowar brings its own production and impressive stage, which traditionally includes different warrior minded props to the Magic Circle Festival in Helsinki. Music has the main role in the Magic Circle Festival, but there are also a lot of different activities for the fans. Earlier festivals have had a Manowar museum, wife carrying and beer drinking contests, to name but a few. According to Joey DeMaio, the front man of Manowar, Magic Circle Festival is an unforgettable festival experience boasting one of the most imposing heavy concepts with the present stage production.


The previous Manowar gigs in Finland took place in the spring of 2012, then the gigs in Helsinki (The Circus) and Tampere (Pakkahuone) were sold out in record time. Magic Circle Festival will be organized in Suvilahti, Helsinki on 25 and 26 July. It is the only show by Manowar in the Nordic countries next summer. The tickets start from 75 euro, fees of Tiketti and Lippupiste are added to that.


Media: www.rle.fi/medialle

Festival homepage: www.magiccirclefestival.com

Manowar: www.manowar.com

Magic Circle Festival on Facebook: www.facebook.com/magiccirclefestival2014


Manowarin suomalaiset fanisivut: www.manowarfinland.com

One Comment on “Teräsbetoni to perform on Manowar’s Magic Circle Festival in Helsinki, Finland!

  1. Sure, you guys deserve it long time ago! :)
    And now this will be true. Teräsbetoni and Manowar on one stage! Fantastic! :)
    Although TB not sings “The Crown and The Ring”, maybe due to this celebration can do one Manowar cover for honour of this?!
    Especially that Manowar will sing they last album, but not this I suppose.

    I very like as you, Jarkko, performed this song together with “Metal Warriors”. First time when I heard this, it was some four years ago at Tampere`s Jack the Rooster. That was time, when I discover Manowar in another shape due those warriors ballads, but in main, due to Jarkko bright presentation of those Manowar`s songs. Till that MW gig I`m wasn`t so in Manowar`s doings.
    Another ballad “Master of Wind” sounded great when Jarkko, together with musicians Jari Kuokkanen, Jussi Ojanen and Antti Hakulinen were united in band Metal Warriors to tribute Manowar.
    Sure, this will be one significant event in TB career!
    Congratulations to you TB guys! :)

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